The museums

Science is a common good, to be shared and narrated. The celebrations for our 800 years are the opportunity to carry out important projects that will leave an enduring legacy to the University and to the city, even after 2022. The cornerstone of these projects is the creation of a new city university museum tour of international standing thanks to the richness of its contents and the use of the most advanced exhibition techniques. It will lead visitors from the “Museo della Natura e dell’Uomo” (Museum of Nature and Humankind) of Palazzo Cavalli on one side to the Botanical Garden and to the Garden of Biodiversity on the other, strong attraction centres at both ends of the tour including a visit to Palazzo del Bo, the MUSME, the Geography Museum and other university collections. This tour integrates harmoniously with those offered by the other city museums, to offer visitors an impressive connection between science and humanism.

All museum projects will be accompanied by the University’s extended virtual Museum, result of the meticulous work of a complete cataloguing and digitisation of a vast heritage that is finally useable by all.

Over the course of some eight hundred years, the University of Padova has accumulated a precious, and extremely diverse patrimony of scientific, artistic and historical artefacts, items and documents that have variously been created by the academics of the institution, donated to it, or purchased by it, to support its research and teaching activities.
A significant portion of this rich heritage is collected in the eleven museums and six collections coordinated by the University Museum Centre.