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The Biodiversity Garden

Following the acquisition of a new area south of the Ancient Botanical Garden, the new greenhouses of the Biodiversity Garden have been open to the public since September 2014. As a symbolic microcosm for visitors to experience, the garden offers different climatic and vegetation conditions present on Earth, with around 1,300 species within the exhibition project.

The heart of the area includes five greenhouses, inserted within a glass and steel gallery, reproducing various biomes, as areas of the Earth characterized by climatic and vegetal uniformity. Plants thrive under homogeneous environments in terms of humidity and temperature that are simulated by different climatic conditions such as tropical, subhumid, temperate, and arid zones.

Plants are positioned within each environment, and the aquatic plant pond reflects a phytogeographic subdivision. Visitors are taken on a journey through the vegetation of the Earth (in America as in Africa and Madagascar, in Asia, in temperate Europe, in Oceania), as they cross the main ecosystems of the planet. Visitors are invited to personally and immediately perceive the wealth (or poverty) of biodiversity present in each climate zone.

Along the route, in addition to the plant-environment relationship, the plant-man relationship shows a specific route of the economic use of plants in different historical and geographical contexts.

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