Fusinato Student Housing

With funding from the Italian Ministry of Universities, the Fusinato Student Housing renovation project creates an inextricable link to the lives of University students from the Galilean School of Higher Studies. The project brings the University degree candidates together with targeted activities incorporated in a multidisciplinary environment.

With its construction dating back to 1922, the building offered a multifunctional complex for deserving students of the university with complementary spaces such as a gym and library. Inaugurated in 1935, the complex became a symbol of the works carried out for the benefit of students.

Closed in 2005 due to safety problems and maintenance, the complex returned to the University in 2015 and thanks to its important historical value, the Archaeological, Fine Arts and Landscape Superintendence included the Fusinato Student House among the cultural heritage of the Italian State in 2016.

Covering 6,000 square meters, the Fusinato Student Housing renovation project will provide housing for 187 students and will offer around 600 square meters for cultural and educational services such as study rooms and computer rooms and 430 square meters for recreational services for all university students. The complex will also hold administration services to operate the building.

rendering fusinato