The Campagnola Complex

Three classrooms with 250 seats each and a green area to welcome the entire community, the complex on via Campagnola is an investment in the heart of Padua. Located between two Jewish cemeteries, restorations will ensure access to garden areas and open spaces for the local community and UniPd students alike.

Aimed at enhancing its existing heritage, the University of Padua undertakes this and other major urban redevelopment operations that will lead to the creation of spaces dedicated to educational activities and citizenship.

The Campagnola Complex project includes

  • a new building with two classrooms with 250 seats each
  • the renovation of a building on the west side with a 250-seat classroom
  • the renovation of terraced houses on via Campagnola to hold a multipurpose room, a teaching room, and study rooms
  • a green area that is open to the public
  • an open entrance from via Campagnola towards via Canal to ensure access to the former Jewish cemetery along a public path and improvements in the urban pedestrian traffic of the neighborhood